A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.

Karl šŸ’™


unDraw is a brilliant resource for branded vector based illustrations.

Thank you for sharing your hard work with the world.

Diana Jou


@NinaLimpi We are using your beautiful illustrations (SVG files) for my motion graphics for journalists class at Hong Kong University. Thank you!

Carl Riis


I just found @NinaLimpi's site https://t.co/oesaSStsWL.

I'm amazed someone spent their own time creating SO MANY beautiful illustrations for anyone to use.

I love the internet.

Asser Hazmat ā˜£


My app was looking drab as hell. Until I discovered @unDraw_co . Man thank you guys so much for giving it such a well needed overhaul ā™„

Alex Cole


I've just discovered @unDraw_co - what a great project, I'll be using this for sure!!



Shaun Greene


Thank you @unDraw_co for existing. My presentations are so much better with your graphics that match my color palate. ļæ½

Jack Gledhill


@unDraw_co you have turned my websites from šŸ˜ to šŸ¤© at no extra cost, you're amazing!!!

And if you're a web dev looking for some awesome and free SVG illustrations, look no further than https://t.co/OpI5QHeDu

Lance Shields


HUGE fan of unDraw! Way to go, @NinaLimpi!

Lee Springer


Using @unDraw_co vectors for a COVID-19 Vacc registration site.

@NinaLimpi Your project represents a people group that I admire and want to be apart of. #opensource

Martin Hooper


@NinaLimpi Truly astonishing collection of illustrations. Thank you for your hard work and generosity to make us designers' lives just a little bit easier!

Kyriakos Markakis


I've just discovered @unDraw_co, an amazing project that offers great illustrations https://t.co/6kqvw9xajJ. Looking forward to using it in my next presentation.

Lani Assaf


What an amazing, free, design project @unDraw_co has put together at https://t.co/aDcdx2AWKW. Wonderful content resource for #MarketingTwitter ļæ½



I love this site @unDraw_co one of the best.

@NinaLimpi thank you so much.

#illustration #design

Noemi Leon


And once again thanks to @unDraw_co I always use your resources for blog posts :)

Dr. L Ī»R Y-54


Thank you @unDraw_co for this one ā¤ļø Now, my miro boards will be amazing!

Linh Nguyen


An appreciation tweet for @unDraw_co: what a lovely open-source project! If you're looking for royalty-free, customizable, and beautiful illustrations for your project, please consider @unDraw_co! Thank you for your hard work @NinaLimpi

James (FluxCoder)


@unDraw_co is actually my secret, so she should stop posting on Twitter like this šŸ˜’ ..

Boris Kirov


@unDraw_co has been making a big mark on how we handle illustrations and visualisation, they also just updated their @MiroHQ app which is amazing šŸ–¤



Making a sales deck for a client.

Absolutely in love with @unDraw_co !!! ā¤ļø

Annika Carina Ziereis


I am so happy I found your website! I pimped up my teaching slides and now they look so much better and clearer. Thank you!