A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.

atomikburn profile image

Brad Edwards


I just came across @unDraw_co in a UI/UX storyboarding course. Unbelievable, thank you so much @NinaLimpi ! I'm a developer not an artist, so this is my new essential Adobe XD plugin.

kapros_p profile image

Panagiotis Kapros


Thank you @NinaLimpi for creating @unDraw_co 🎉�

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Dr Tina Keil | DL3SDJ


A fantastic and beautiful resource of high quality vector drawings/graphics. Perfect for presentations and many others things - way to go! Thank you so much @unDraw_co @NinaLimpi https://t.co/g9cAryStNG

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Reminder: @undraw_co exists and is awesome.

#love and #gratitude to @NinaLimpi & @anges244

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Tim Belmont


Using @unDraw_co illustrations for class materials is a win-win; they look absolutely great, and they're open-source. Color customization is the icing on the cake. #edtech https://t.co/PzfhObQrKD

Niweera profile image

Nipuna Weerasekara


I'm just going to share my love for @unDraw_co and acknowledge and spread the good word. If you are looking for some cool illustrations for your project, be sure to check it out via https://t.co/Pk1u79a0lL.

Hey, you are awesome @NinaLimpi 🙏


albertkinng profile image

Albert Kinng


just when you thought the world couldn’t get more selfish @unDraw_co hit you hard with kindness and give you a resource completely free just to help all designers in the world! WOW

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Dan Smith


Thanks @NinaLimpi for making an awesome resource in @unDraw_co . I've used your open sourve illustrations in some of my reports and presentations, including a copyright tag where appropriate so other people can find you. Keep up the good work!

carlosnani profile image

Carlos Nani !


Thanks @NinaLimpi ! https://t.co/twyWt25PP1 saved my project. �

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@NinaLimpi I can't thank you enough for https://t.co/mZpKPg5JN0 😍 Amazing tool! #Webdesign #web #FrontEnd #illustratio

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Emmanuel Oloke


A gem I discovered today https://t.co/HcM3gLjMLB. Big thanks to the folks doing great work @unDraw_co y'all are a blessing!�

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Andriy Frankevych 🇪🇺


Just wanted to express my appreciation for @unDraw_co: thank you for making my crappy prototypes 1000 times better

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Note: @unDraw_co at https://t.co/WCiyK4sYM7 is the best thing ever. Amazing amazing amazing @NinaLimpi and @anges244 and thank you!

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Karl 💙


unDraw is a brilliant resource for branded vector based illustrations.

Thank you for sharing your hard work with the world.

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Sergey Romanenko


Wow! This is an awesome collection of free open-source illustrations in SVG and PNG formats for any type of project!

🎨 https://t.co/Fnp5tW2SNR

Created by @NinaLimpi (Katerina Limpitsouni

marcus_baw profile image

Marcus Baw


Just a little bit more awesome stuff in the world because of @unDraw_co and @NinaLimpi


They're #opensource and proud. Brilliant bit of licensing wording too.

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Mutale Mulenga


@NinaLimpi Just someone saying thank you for the awesome works you have created. They just make the site very catch.

sanjibsinha profile image

Sanjib Sinha


When I first discovered @NinaLimpi's @unDraw_co, I couldn't believe my eyes and my wild imagination's Juggernaut stopped for a while! So many jaw-dropping, heart-stopping drawings in one place for one person @NinaLimpi. And anyone can use them for free!

Toni777772 profile image

Anton Paliakou


It's awesome @unDraw_co


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Ben Martin


Just discovered @undraw_co. Incredible resource for anyone looking for illustrations. Check it out: https://t.co/oh8Poi0a69 #design #webdesign