A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.

Jothi Basu


Happy to see open source @unDraw_co illustrations by @NinaLimpi and @anges244 .

It’s great initiative. Thank you guys for all your work. ♥️

#sharingiscaring #designers #developers #webdevelopment

Javeed Ishaq


@unDraw_co real goldmine a love at first sight, awesomeness at no cost



Your illustrations are so beautiful and you are so amazing for sharing them at no cost. They’ve improved so much some of the sites I’ve built. THANK YOU. �

Nathalia Sky


you deserve so much more. I am looking at your illustrations so very often and wish to get a chance to use them in a project soon. you have such an amazing talent. �

Christian Martinez


@NinaLimpi Thank you <33 I'm so glad i heard about unDraw tonight from a YouTube video. The quality of the assets are second to none. I feel guilty that it's free. Thank you for bringing open source illustration to market.

Shabrina Koeswologito


The aha moment day when you found out about @unDraw_co by @NinaLimpi 😍 you're a live saver. Can't thank you enough.

Morgan 💥 Benjamin


@NinaLimpi just found UnDraw, just wanted to say: YOU ROCK, totally going to use in future - thank you!

Anna Westaway


Just discovered @unDraw_co thanks to a tip from @RCSLTLearn - oooh I could get lost in here for a good while!!!



Do you ever find a resource that is soooo good you just want to keep it to yourself but you know that's just wrong on so many levels 🙋🏽‍♀️ [guilty]

Check out → @unDraw_co

h/t to Juan @BolanosJD from @AWeb

hackerxbella | Allie Mellen


This collection is AWESOME. Very cool and thank you @NinaLimpi @unDraw_co https://t.co/s75QO3K8GB

Cowboy Bebop


She is an avenger! Thanks @NinaLimpi You saved my works many times�

Alexander Kluge (naii.io)


Just discovered @undraw from @NinaLimpi and loved it instantly 😍

unDraw is a collection of open-source SVG illustrations that are constantly updated and can be used for free.


Found out about it via @aral’s https://t.co/3gbvNp5BAi :

Chandru Rajendran


@NinaLimpi I was looking for some good illustrations. I was searching! searching! searching! Finally, I found a wonderful open-source design website https://t.co/A106Ai0PZ3. That's amazing! It redirected me to greet that inspirational creator.


raphael mansuy


My discovery of the day @unDraw_co Thanks @NinaLimpi for this great collection of open source illustrations

Hamed Montazeri


BTW, I love @unDraw_co. If you ever need open and free SVG illustrations. That's the place to go...



I’ve been using for quiet long time now, and it just keeps impressing me over and over so amazing

Rutul Davè


@NinaLimpi , thanks for creating https://t.co/00P30oyaAh

One of the most useful tool for bootstrappers and builders. �

Andrew Long


Beautiful art, amazing resource... if you’ve not seen it before, check it out

If we were all as generous as @NinaLimpi and @anges244 the world would be a happier, better place

@unDraw_co is the future I hope for, today ❤️




@unDraw_co is cool concept and great initiative. Thank you for all the work and sharing @NinaLimpi �

M1 Punk


@NinaLimpi You probably hear this a lot, but it's worth saying. Thank you for your work!