A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.



@unDraw_co you are the best.

Thank you so much.

#Illustrator #quality #illustration

Rich Prior Design


Big shoutout to @unDraw_co what a great resource for designers. Very grateful!

Eric Le Maître


I just discovered @unDraw_co, and it’s absolutely awesome ! 🤩 Thank you so much for this fantastic resource

Hank Drury


Here's the genius of @NinaLimpi and @unDraw_co - images have all their layers so you can mix and match to create your own thing. Thank you Katerina! https://t.co/iLB6m1Mbsz



I am super proud of you @NinaLimpi for creating @unDraw_co . This is a huge contribution to the community and thank you for open sourcing these refreshingly simple and beautiful illustrations.

Lowri Williams


I'm a huge fan of @unDraw_co by @NinaLimpi - the illustrations are open source and so sleek 😍


Massimo Arrigoni


Wow, just came across this fantastic repository of open source #Illustrations. Major kudos to @unDraw_co & @NinaLimpi https://t.co/QwL85gtC6u 🙏�

Ludovic Cyril Michel


@unDraw_co you're the best. Thanks so much <3



The world is so lucky to have you @unDraw_co you are beautiful!

Eamonn Cottrell


Finally had a chance to incorporate @unDraw_co into a small web project for a local business. #love

Keep up the goodness, @anges244 & @NinaLimpi !



@NinaLimpi Was just going through the @unDraw_co illustrations. Fell in love with those. And you know what? I've started replacing my existing illustrations with these. Thank you so much!



@NinaLimpi you absolutely smashed it with undraw! Such a great project :)

Mukul Khanna


@NinaLimpi Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how amazing a contribution https://t.co/wtk7G1xBk5 is to the community, and thank you for open sourcing these amazing illustrations!

Ane Banane


@NinaLimpi Thank you so much for your beautiful, free and open source illustrations! I'm using @unDraw_co for story telling on our website. I'm really loving them!!!

Todd Zazelenchuk


@unDraw_co Love this site and collection of illustrations. Thanks so much for making this available the community! #illustrationart #ux #Creative



@unDraw_co thank you guys for providing quality work for free really appreciate it, such an amazing website with such a high quality vector illustrations https://t.co/eOo8pv8A5e

Mosh Feu


Thanks @anges244 and @NinaLimpi for making @unDraw_co . My new app's "empty state" is that beautiful because of you �

Timo Buhmann


Just stumpled upon @NinaLimpi illustration library. Truly open source. Awesome. Give her a big hug for. Thanks you so much https://t.co/bdVLUMQAfM

Stephanie O'Boyle


A big thank you to ⁦@NinaLimpi⁩ via ⁦@unDraw_co⁩ for a stunning collection of open source illustrations. Really beautiful https://t.co/I5FMgzNawZ

Cat de Leon


Just stopping by to say how much I love @unDraw_co and appreciate @NinaLimpi with all my heart. ❤️