A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.

John Teague 🦝


I absolutely love @unDraw_co. Great balance, minimalist, easy to integrate, simple to animate, lightweight. Highly recommend. That is all. (◔‿◔)

Timo König


Finally found the missing piece to everything @unDraw_co

Amit Prajapati


Thanks, @NinaLimpi for creating @unDraw_co it helps a lot of Frontend Developers and Designer to get quick access to amazing and wide varieties of illustration which is very helpful for us.





femi babs


Thank you for all you do Nina!! You changed the game in no small way !!



@NinaLimpi Incredible resource! I love it!

Stephen Lammens


@unDraw_co thank you SO much for your beautiful designs, I was looking for something like this for months but could not find. Even paying ones not as good as these. Would like to donate if there is a possibility! :)

Yash Desai 👨‍💻


https://t.co/2kYkXJfU43 (@unDraw_co ) is so good! You get to choose from so many different types of illustrations, and even custommize their colors, and all of that for free!

Edgars Balodis


@unDraw_co saving lives again, thank you!



I discovered @unDraw_co a few days ago and it's still the most beautiful thing ever 😭

Vivek Shrivastava


@NinaLimpi Just found out https://t.co/eMWzwjnOvt . Simple and amazing. You will be remembered for this superb creation all the time from users like me.

Fedy Tizaoui


i'm thankful for @unDraw_co , simple , minimalist and meaningful

Renan Liberato


Using a good illustration can completely change the UI.

Thanks @NinaLimpi ! @unDraw_co is amazing

Louis Mazel


@unDraw_co Thanks for your amazing open-source illustrations �

Chase Newman


@unDraw_co is such a great tool for front end web dev.




@unDraw_co thank you so incredibly much! I am very grateful for your work. �

Bikash Kampo


Love at first sight @unDraw_co

Your illustrations are so amazing and it would have been bad if I would have not thanked you for your awesome work.

Kudos to @NinaLimpi for the beautiful illustrations �

Chris Tung


Honestly, if it wasn’t for @unDraw_co I don’t think I would have shipped as many side projects because so much time or budget would be locked up getting illustrations. You’ve literally changed the game for bootstrappers so thank you!



Can't thank @NinaLimpi more for creating @unDraw_co.

Amazing work. �



Shoutout to @NinaLimpi for being awesome and for building @unDraw_co for the community. Illustrations have never been this easy. 👏

Patrick Ford


Absolutely! UnDraw is a great example of how providing valuable services and products for free not only builds community, but also enhances brand optics and empowers those who otherwise could not be involved because of finances, talent, etc. I tell everyone I know about UnDraw!