A small way to say a huge thank you to each one of these awesome people, as nothing can happen without amazing persons supporting you and providing motivation.

Aditya Pandae


Really loving @unDraw_co 😍

Thanks to you Katerina @NinaLimpi it’s so cool

Yücel Kılıç


I discovered a great website with open source illustrations (https://t.co/NqXXMbjv34)! Thanks, @NinaLimpi.

Kriti Bajaj


Using @unDraw_co for storytelling style illustrations has been the highlight of my week. Customisable to a great extent and updated with current themes. Stakeholders were delighted! 😍. Even though it's open-source, it's hard not to credit the team @unDraw_c

Lee Mallon


undraw is so awesome.... hat tip to @NinaLimpi

Richard Malterre


Super initiative, super beau site, du talent... bref si vous cherchez des illustrations open sources -->

Edgars Balodis


@unDraw_co saving lives again, thank you!



I discovered @unDraw_co a few days ago and it's still the most beautiful thing ever 😭



Forever grateful to @ninalimpi for creating Undraw / https://t.co/hPJrZoJbfk

Tony Vincent


🚶‍♀️Browse to find an image that fits your needs at unDraw.

Enter a hex color code at the top, and that color will be used in the image! All images are open source, so you can use them freely without any attribution. #ClassyGraphics




@NinaLimpi is a machine �

Karmasakshi Goyal


@NinaLimpi Thank you for @unDraw_co!

Rahul Ahire


Thanks Katerina @NinaLimpi for creating such awesome

stuff @unDraw_co and helping us developer to use it for free especially its really helpful for a person like me who suck at art and design.

I tried to do some UI design in XD for my current project:



@unDraw_co thank you so incredibly much! I am very grateful for your work. �

Bikash Kampo


Love at first sight @unDraw_co

Your illustrations are so amazing and it would have been bad if I would have not thanked you for your awesome work.

Kudos to @NinaLimpi for the beautiful illustrations �

Shan Ruan


@unDraw_co your work is awesome. The world is so lucky to have you.

Ken Tabor


I 💙 the rise in illustrated graphic design seen on modern SAAS provider marketing landing pages.

It's easy to get them thanks to unDraw website. Nice work @NinaLimpi !

Try its color picker too! https://t.co/K0yWdzHVy



https://t.co/dDjTnV0MV5 is an amazing source for customizable illustrations that I personally use for everything from side projects to presentations. Check it out if you're not aware of it! @unDraw_co



@NinaLimpi Thanks for making undraw!

John Teague 🦝


I absolutely love @unDraw_co. Great balance, minimalist, easy to integrate, simple to animate, lightweight. Highly recommend. That is all. (◔‿◔)

Timo König


Finally found the missing piece to everything @unDraw_co